Friday, November 9, 2007

Iphone Downloads

If you're like me you were super excited when you got your new Iphone. I know I was! I was playing with it all day. I mean, just using the touch screen was enough to put me in a good mood! :)

However it didn't take long before the initial excitement wore off and I wanted to load it with some games and movies and REALLY take advantage of it.

So I was looking for the best place for iPhone downloads. I was looking for movies, games, music, you name it.

But it's HARD to find that stuff on the internet, and everything seems scattered all over the place.

So I was searching and searching and I finally stumbled on iPhone Nova. Yeah, I was kinda wary about it at first, but they've got a money back guarantee so I decided that it was worth checking out. If it turned out to be crap I'd be returning it straightaway.

Well, I got a pleasant surprise. They provide an all-inclusive iPhone download service that really blew me away. Everything I was looking for was in one spot.

The library is pretty darn extensive, but like anything else it's not perfect. I couldn't find a few of the titles I was looking for, but it had enough other stuff to make up for that. Besides, I sometimes have obscure tastes ;)

If you're not really tech savvy, or even if you are, they have a pretty simple interface that allows you to just drag and drop the media to your iPhone. It couldn't be much easier. Definitely worth it.

Check out Iphone Nova right here!

Allright, signing off for now. It's getting pretty darn chilly here in New York. Winter's finally starting to knock on the door.